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Private Investigation Services

10-4 PI's Donald R. Myers specializes in complex cases using sophisticated investigative methods learned during a long career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a second career as a banking fraud specialist. Our services include:
  • Paper Trail
    Financial Fraud, Economic Crimes, Loan Fraud & Embezzlement


  • People Trail
    Surveillance, Undercover Operations, Missing Persons & Background Investigations


  • Property Trail
    Commercial, Residential, Personalized Brokerage Service, MLS, Estate Services

  • Trial Support
    Presentation of Evidence, Crime Scene Investigation & Witness Interviews

  • Bank Security & Fraud
    Bank Personnel Training, Robbery Prevention & Mitigation, Internal & External Fraud, Security Audits & Cash Management Issues 


  • Forensic
    Applying forensic science and technology to support legal court presentations including audio and video.


  • Domestic Issues​​

      Child custody and divorce matters

Referral Network

During his career as a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Don Myers learned the immense value of creating intelligence networks in order to solve complex cases. These connections have remained strong over the years, giving Don access to the expertise of hundreds of retired agents across the United States.

If your investigation requires work in more than one state, Don will assist you in setting up a multi-state network of investigators who will help solve your problem efficiently and effectively.

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